At Gotguard Security, our officers are dedicated to providing exceptional service at factories and warehouses by offering a warm and professional welcome to visitors.

We understand that each customer has unique requirements, so we customize our services to meet their specific needs.

To safeguard against unauthorized access, cargo handling and storage facilities are equipped with physical barriers and deterrents.

For enhanced security, we recommend the use of alarm systems and video surveillance cameras to monitor premises and prevent unauthorized entry into cargo handling and storage areas. It is essential to maintain recorded activities for a reasonable period.

The construction of buildings should prioritize materials that resist unlawful entry and protect against external intrusion. Regular inspections and repairs are necessary to uphold the structural integrity.

Critical facility protection systems, including fire suppression and alarm systems, hazardous gas detection systems, and air scrubbers, should be safeguarded against unauthorized tampering or shutdown. Regular testing ensures the reliability of these monitored alarms.

When perimeter fencing is present, it should enclose the areas surrounding cargo handling and storage facilities. In cases where there is no perimeter fencing, documented procedural practices should be in place to secure the yard and prevent unlawful entry and intrusion.

In the highly competitive logistics industry, Gotguard Security specializes in protecting three key areas: people, company property, and valuable customer property. Our security services are designed to be cost-effective, flexible, and tailored to the logistics environment. We employ technology-based solutions to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of our security personnel. These solutions improve truck entry/exit processing, visitor management, high-value tracking, and smart tour inspections.

To ensure optimal performance, our security personnel receive logistics-specific training at the client's site. This training covers site-specific security requirements, post orders, security procedures, equipment familiarization, access and badging protocols, and site emergency procedures. The training is customized based on comprehensive meetings with the client.

At Gotguard, we provide superior security services that manage risk, mitigate liabilities, and offer the following benefits:


  A cost-effective solution to replace guards at entry/exit points
  Driver verification and ID checks
  Validation of trailers/tractors
  Open load verification with trailer inspection at entry/exit
  Integration with inventory management systems for real-time tracking of inventory


  Advanced perimeter protection
  Two-way communication to detect and report unauthorized behavior and enforce ID checks
 Integration with existing equipment to secure multiple sites


  Real-time information to enforce safety and compliance regulations
  Remote fuel pump operation
  Operators educated on specific legislation

Gates and gate houses must be manned and/or monitored to control the entry and exit of vehicles and personnel. The number of gates should be minimized to ensure proper access and safety.

Adequate lighting is essential both inside and outside the facility, including entrances and exits, cargo handling and storage areas, fence lines, and parking areas.

To maintain security, all external and internal windows, gates, and fences must be secured with locking devices. Management or security personnel should have control over the issuance of all locks and keys.

To enhance security, private passenger vehicles should be prohibited from parking in or adjacent to cargo handling and storage areas. Visitor parking should be clearly separated from employee and container parking. Standard operating procedures should be established to ensure consistent adherence to all documentation and operational requirements.

Locking Devices and Key Controls

To ensure cargo integrity, effective manifesting procedures must be in place to ensure accurate and timely reporting of information received from business partners.

At Gotguard Security, we leverage advanced monitoring and surveillance technology to create a perpetually safe environment for your warehouse and storage facilities.

Our commitment to security extends to every aspect of warehouse and storage operations. We employ advanced monitoring and surveillance technology to ensure round-the-clock safety within your facility.

Through our comprehensive security measures, we aim to protect your valuable assets, prevent unauthorized access, and mitigate potential risks. Our team of skilled security professionals is trained to handle various situations and respond promptly to any security concerns.

In addition to physical security, we understand the importance of operational efficiency. Our remote gate entry/exit control system provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional guard services. It streamlines the process of verifying drivers, conducting ID checks, validating trailers/tractors, and inspecting open loads at entry and exit points. By integrating with inventory management systems, we enable real-time tracking of inventory, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information.

At Gotguard Security, we prioritize the safety and well-being of your employees, visitors, and valuable assets. Our advanced perimeter protection systems employ cutting-edge technology to detect and alert unwarranted behavior. We establish two-way communication channels to enable swift response and enforce strict ID checks for enhanced security.

For multi-site operations, our security solutions can be seamlessly integrated with your existing equipment. This ensures consistent and comprehensive security coverage across all your locations, providing you with peace of mind and reducing vulnerabilities

To support your operational requirements, we provide real-time information that aids in enforcing safety and compliance regulations. Our systems enable remote fuel pump operation, improving efficiency and convenience while adhering to industry standards. Our operators are also well-versed in specific legislation governing your operations, ensuring compliance and minimizing potential risks.

Gotguard Security takes pride in delivering customized security services tailored to the unique needs of the logistics industry. We understand the dynamic nature of logistics operations and the importance of adapting to evolving security challenges. Our team works closely with you to develop and implement comprehensive security protocols that address your specific vulnerabilities.

By choosing Gotguard Security as your logistics security partner, you gain a trusted ally dedicated to providing superior protection, managing risks, and mitigating liabilities. Our expertise, cost-effective solutions, and unwavering commitment to excellence make us the ideal choice for securing your factories, warehouses, and storage facilities.

Contact us today to discuss your security requirements and discover how Gotguard Security can help safeguard your operations and assets with our comprehensive and technology-driven security solutions.