Top-Rated Commercial Security Services in California

Commercial / Industrial

At Gotguard Security, we take pride in providing exceptional commercial security solutions throughout California. With a proven track record of crime prevention, our skilled security guards are trained to monitor and patrol various commercial and industrial locations. Whether it's deterring criminal activities or ensuring the safety of your property during non-business hours, our officers are confident in their abilities to handle any situation. We offer competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of our services, making us a leading choice for security solutions.

Business owners understand the unfortunate reality of theft and other crimes occurring on their premises. At Gotguard Security, our dedicated security guards specialize in deterring crime, maintaining a secure environment, and assisting both customers and employees. From providing employee escorts to ensuring the overall security of your building, we offer comprehensive security and protection services. Whether it's controlling access, maintaining order, or addressing specific security needs, our team is equipped to handle private and public special events, including social, sporting, commercial, and artistic occasions.

By choosing Gotguard Security for your commercial and industrial security needs, you can expect numerous benefits for your tenants and customers:

 Immediate reporting of maintenance issues, guaranteeing a professional and safe work environment.
 Freedom from distractions such as car theft, panhandlers, and poorly maintained facilities.
 Expert design and installation of camera and access control systems.
 Timely email notifications regarding incidents or maintenance issues, enabling you to address them promptly.

Our comprehensive range of services caters specifically to the commercial and industrial sectors, including:

 Random Vehicle Patrol
  Dedicated Vehicle Patrol
  Onsite Foot/Bike Patrol
  Armed/Unarmed Officers
  Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Reports
  24-Hour Standby Response Service

Commercial Mobile Patrol: Safeguarding Your Office and Business Environment

To enhance the protection of your property, our mobile patrol services provide a cost-effective solution. The primary focus of our patrol division is to visually deter criminal activity and promptly detect potential issues. We customize our patrol services to suit your specific security requirements, offering the following core services:

  Exterior patrols: Regular checks of exterior doors for security, examination of exterior lighting, and visual inspections of windows, landscaping, and parking areas to identify signs of graffiti, vandalism, or suspicious behavior.
  Interior patrols: Thorough checks of all suite and mechanical doors, inspection of interior lighting, examination of restrooms for water leaks, and monitoring of common areas like hallways, stairwells, and lobbies to identify abnormal activity.
  Employee Escorts: High-visibility escorts provided during shift changes or in response to specific threats or concerns.
  Facility unlocks/lock-ups: Manual securing or unlocking of exterior doors or gates and activation/deactivation of alarm systems as needed.
  Parking enforcement: Enforcing visitor parking regulations, reserved parking areas, handicap and fire lane restrictions, and other necessary enforcement measures.
  Alarm response: Our 24-hour security operations center dispatches experienced officers to thoroughly inspect your facility, document alarm triggers, and notify the appropriate individuals if necessary.

We maintain electronic archives of customized reports that detail the inspection date, time, officer identity, and observations. These reports are sent to you via fax and/or email. If required, authorities will be promptly dispatched, and emergency contacts will be notified.

Commercial Property Security Systems Los Angeles

Our range of services extends beyond traditional security measures. From front door duties to private guard security, our highly trained team ensures a welcoming atmosphere for your organization. Here's what we offer:

  Access Control
  Backstage Security
  Crowd Management
  Customized Security Planning
  Fire Guards
  Floor/Stage Security
  Incident Documentation
  Ingress and Egress Control
  Metal Detectors
  Monitoring closed areas of the set or venue
  Needs Assessment
  Paparazzi Security
  Property & Film Equipment Protection
  Professional Dressed Security officers
  Protection tv/movie set, hotel & trailer
  Traffic Management
  Threat Identification and Mitigation
  Venue or Location Security Survey
  VIP, Artist, Model or Cast Escorts
  Award Shows
  Ceremonial Events
  Commercial Shoots
  Fashion Shoot
  Fashion Shows
  Movie Premieres
  Movie Set - Filming on location/film sets
  Music Video Production
  TV Production
  Photo Shoot
  And moreā€¦