Healthcare Facility Security Services California

Gotguard Security understands the enormous responsibility and extreme risk factors healthcare facilities face due to the constant traffic of patients, visitors and staff. Through careful planning and assessment, we can guide you by providing proactive solutions to ensure not only the safety of patients, staff and visitors, but also total security of your facility through these areas and more:

Gotguard security and safety assessment and, using the assessment, develop, and annually update based on the assessment, a security plan with measures to protect personnel, patients, and visitors from aggressive or violent behavior. The security and safety assessment must examine trends of aggressive or violent behavior at the facility. These hospitals must track incidents of aggressive or violent behavior as part of the quality assessment and improvement program and for the purposes of developing a security plan to deter and manage further aggressive or violent acts of a similar nature. The plan may include, but must not be limited to, security considerations relating to all of the following:

(1) Physical layout
(2) Staffing
(3) Security personnel availability
(4) Policy and training related to appropriate responses to violent acts
(5) Efforts to cooperate with local law enforcement regarding violent acts in the facility

Gotguard Overview

Gotguard Security Services: Employees providing protection, Commercial, and Residential other basic security services to maintain a proper physical protection of environment for safety & security of the facilities.

  Perimeter security/regular patrols
  Fire safety
  Emergency room security
  Patient confidentiality
  Crisis management
  Access/perimeter control
  Asset/Inventory protection
  Applying OSHA and hazmat guidelines
  Regular patrols
  Recognizing unsafe situations
  Electronic surveillance


It is the intent of these specifications, terms and conditions to describe Gotguard Security Guard services required by the Medical Center across the states. Furthermore, Gotguard seeks to elevate the quality of security services by raising and enforcing safety standards of performance, Gotguard security-guard service requirements may include, but may not be limited to, presenting a vigilant, uniformed presence and responding to threats, emergencies, and security alarms. Majority of the facilities requiring presence at Registration Trailer and during all non-business hours; may be used in place of standing post upon client’s approval.

  The routines sample of security services required:

(1) Manning guard posts in building lobbies, etc.,
(2) Patrolling premises on foot or in vehicles;
(3) Responding to crises and alarms by a guard in an armed car or unarmed car within twenty (20) minutes
(4) Providing a security guard to a post in an emergency within eight (8) hours.
  Locking and unlocking or premises;
  Establishing a protective and authoritative presence;
  Reception/concierge at entry station – checking identification may be required;
(5) Preventing theft, vandalism and terrorism;
(6) Responding to threats of violence, burglary and fire;
(7) Sweeping premises after-hours to ensure no squatters;
(8) Patrolling facilities during off hours;
(9) Recognizing or anticipating threats and taking preventive and protective measures;
(10) Confronting challenges and quelling commotion and disturbances with firm politeness;
(11) Notifying and assisting police when appropriate;
(12) Detaining perpetrators for arrest by appropriate law enforcement personnel;
(13) Writing observation reports and incident reports.

In addition to presence and challenge responsibilities, as above, be capable of confronting difficult situations on a regular basis;

  Random post visits shall be no fewer than eight (8) per month, and with a stringent checklist;
  Depending on the post situation, a guard may be required to prevent mischief by presenting an alert, responsive, challenging presence.
  Some guards shall may be required to manage assaultive patients and shall have to complete training in such the duty may be required, requiring around-the-clock presence.
  Critical Care and Clinic Building has a video display and alarm system that monitors vulnerable security areas;


• Companies must never assume that all the people working for them fully understand what is required to protect the company from losses. Different people can have very different understandings of how they can deal with theft issues in retail. Many people do not understand the legal framework they must work within. Many legal cases result from staff members working off false assumptions. Educating work colleagues on best practice is vital, making sure they understand the threats to the business and how they should react. It must also be explained that internal factors can be just as important as external when taking losses into consideration. Bad processes, poor paperwork, lack of training and dishonest employees can cause major losses for retail businesses. Ongoing training highlighting actual cases the company has previously dealt with, a concise LP document outlining company policy and a method of communicating information within the business are all ways of improving awareness.

Permanent & Temporary Services

We provide both temporary and permanent services throughout the State of California and United States 24/7 365 per year with no downtime. Our Main Headquarters is located in Los Angeles.

Our Client base ranges from Commercial to Residential Services such as: Office Building, Retail Stores, Malls, Manufacturing, Public & Private Educational Facilities, Medical Facilities & Centers, Residential Communities, and Warehouse as well as Distribution centers.

Emergency Services

Have an emergency, need a security guard services or investigative services, we have your solution. Thanks to our Gotguard Network, we can provide security guards around the clock 24/7 in the state of California.