Uniformed Security Officers California (Armed & Unarmed)

Unarmed / Armed / Off Duty / Patrol Services

Got Guard, Inc. specializes in premiere site & event security for a variety of industries and applications. We guarantee the availability of a uniformed security guard 24/7 whether it be unarmed, armed, or even an off duty police officer. We make sure to go above and beyond as well as make sure you get the right person for the right job. Whether your company requires short term coverage or long term dedicated staffing for your building, event, or facility, Got Guard, Inc. has the experience and versatility to cover all of your security needs. Our staff is trained, licensed, and goes through an extensive hiring process so you can be sure you are getting the best service available. In times where there is a problem, Got Guard, Inc. has the resources to provide a replacement within the hour.

Uniformed Officers

The role of the uniformed security officer has never been more critical or more demanding. Rising rates of violence and terrorism have increased the need for security to ensure businesses and employees are kept as safe as possible. At Gotguard security, we ensure each uniformed security officer is properly trained and goes through a thorough background check.

Each officer is trained in the security services and unique security systems we provide to ensure your company receives the best security required to keep you safe and protected. At Gotguard security, we customize our officers’ training sessions and provide them with specialized skills to meet your company’s needs.

there are many benefits to having a uniformed security officer on staff, including:

  Reduced risk of intrusion
  Staff maintain a sense of security
  Active prevention of a future break-in

Combined Security

Technology has delivered many new capabilities to the security industry. Yet, many would challenge, nothing replaces the human component.

Using the most contemporary Gotguard virtual security officers teamed with highly capable on-site officers, Gotguard security provides the most efficient and cost-effective security systems. As a provider of both of these key components, the integration between them is certain to be the most effective combination available on the market today.

With this unique blended approach, you get the extreme efficiencies of video analytics and integrated camera/access/intrusion systems, while still delivering a human touch. This blend is also a dynamic process that lets you change the various components as granularly as needed. This means that shift-by-shift ratios can be customized for each specific location. The days of a “one size fits all” approach to security are now firmly committed to the history books.

Security System Video Verification

With the video security system and live video monitoring service system companies will have their properties monitored through the use of high-quality video cameras that are used by the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security. The Virtual Guard system uses a high-tech application that is motion-activated and is triggered every time there is suspicious activity. The monitoring team at the Command and Control Center will respond quickly to every threat that is detected and identified through the live security video feeds. The live video footage shows images clearly, so that every intruder can be properly identified and verified. With video verification all chances of false alarms are eliminated.

Crime Prevention

The video security system monitors the properties in real time, so that the guards can respond immediately to every intrusion. When an unauthorized activity is detected, our monitoring team will used the infrared lights and speakers to communicate with the intruder. The monitoring team will attempt to scare the intruder away before a crime can be committed. In the event that this does not work, our personnel will contact the local authorities immediately who will arrive to the premises in order to stop the crime from advancing. With the Virtual Guard system in place companies can have peace of mind knowing their premises are being monitored 24/7.

Core Values

Customer focus
- we recognize that our success begins and ends with satisfied customers
- we seek open, honest, mutually beneficial, and long term business relationships
- we are committed to provide ongoing support to our most valuable asset and provide them with
opportunities to advance within the organization Professionalism
- we provide the highest level of service with integrity
- our success must be submitted to objective measurement
Innovation and versatility
- we pioneer in specialized areas

Services / benefitsto be expected are:

  Uniformed security officers
  Diminishing amount of negative subjects on the property
  Parking enforcement
  Prevention of vandalism and vehicle-related crimes
  Foot / Vehicle Patrol
  Prevention of trespassing, entrances control during and after business hours, and locking up of gates/doors (if applicable), elimination of loitering.
  A wide variety of security reports (including reports of areas needing maintenance attention)
  Overall reduction of corporate liability
  Curtailing of criminal disturbances and violence

Officer Selection

Officer Selection and Job Matching

We realize the importance of hiring the right officer for the right assignment. Whether the need is for a bi-lingual officer or an officer trained in public relations or martial arts, we can meet the client’s needs.

We have access to a vast network of police officers throughout the California. We maintain a personnel database that includes vital information regarding the officers’ experience, training and areas of specialization, rank, work schedule, and past performance.

  Customized Security Planning
  Needs Assessment
  Building & Tenant Escorts
  Crowd & Access Control
  Fire Guards
  Lobby Concierge & Receptionists
  Parking Lot Security Enforcement
  Access Control
  Threat Identification and Mitigation
  Deterrent to criminal activity
  Deterrent to Theft
  Logging vehicles, deliveries, visitors
  Deterrent to Vandalism
  Ensure compliance of building or property rules
  Ensure property lock-up and unlock if requested
  Ensure the safety of employees and visitors
  Guard buildings, grounds, and parking areas
  Inspection of fencing and surrounding perimeter
  Maintain watch over construction site equipment
  Perform security patrols and building checks
  Perimeter checks for trespassers
  Safety hazard reporting
  Secure site during non-operational hours

Commercial / Industrial

Gotguard Security also offers the skills of monitoring and patrolling commercial and Industrial locations. We take great pride in the reputation that we have earned in deferring crime, no matter the location. Our officers have the training and are confident when they contact people who may or may not have legal reasons to be on your property during non-business hours. Gotguard Security has proven to be a leader in the Security Services at a very competitive price.

We understand that the officer standing post at each facility must blend in with the team. The guard is handpicked and trained on your site’s specific protocol which includes additional training such as: high end customer service, special access control procedures, special fire panel programs, parking area vehicle inventory, etc. We are eager and happy to learn your process in order to become an integrated partner, as well as provide professional security services.

  GPS / Detex / RFID for Remote Patrol Tracking
  Highly Experienced Quality Personnel: Retired/Off Duty Police / Military / Intelligence
  Law Enforcement Grade Equipment
  Online preservation of detailed daily activity reports and incident reports: Instant Notification.
  Additional customer support
  Active monitoring and patrolling of an area, company or event
  An onsite officer can proactively respond to a situation before a threat takes place
  An onsite officer can reactively handle the situation if a threat does occur

Our commitment to our uniformed security officers provides you with a more experienced, skilled and reliable team of career security professionals.

Uniformed Officers (Armed & Unarmed)

Protect your company and maintain your sense of security with Gotguard security.

Armed security guards are the ultimate security presence. Armed guards provide an elevated level of service for an elevated threat or risk level, from protection of property to protection of persons.

Uniformed Officers

There are many benefits to having a Gotguard uniformed security officer on site, including:

  Reduced risk of intrusion
  Staff maintain a sense of security
  Active prevention of a future break-in
  Additional customer support
  Active monitoring and patrolling of an area, company or event
  An onsite officer can proactively respond to a situation before a threat takes place
  An onsite officer can reactively handle the situation if a threat does occur

Gotguard security commitment to our uniformed security officers provides you with a more experienced, skilled and reliable team of career security professionals.

Plain Clothes Officers

In many corporate settings, customers desire a “softer” or less militaristic-looking uniform. In these instances, uniformed officers are attired in more traditional business apparel, most commonly a blazer. Frequently, a smaller, less dramatic breast patch identifies the individual as a security officer.

Patrol Officers
Armed / Unarmed

  Guard Registration / Instruction in Powers of Arrest
  Baton Certification / proper use / justification / liability aspects
  Fire Arm Certification / proper use / justification / safety / liability
  Verbal Judo / Communication Skills
  Report Writing Skills

Post Orders

Training at a site and the operational excellence of its security staff is in large measure based on the quality and completeness of site post orders. Post orders also serve as the foundation for on-the-job, in-service and emergency response training and provide a means to avoid, mitigate and defend liability claims.

  Building/Property Overview, including customer brand, mission and values and how the officer can support them
  General Responsibilities and Performance Expectations
  Post duties (shift and post)
  Patrol – areas of focus; what to look for; site risks, detailed patrol checklist; documentation
  Fire and Life Safety Systems – types, operation
  Security and Building Support Systems – types, operation
  Building Security Policies and Procedures
  Reports, Forms, Logs
  Keys and Equipment
  Emergency Procedures and Emergency Contact List

Who We Serve:

  Construction Sites
  Office Buildings
  Corporate Security
  Educational Facilities
  Factories / Warehouse
  Financial Institutions
  Government Contracts
  Healthcare Facilities
  Industrial Locations
  Medical Facilities
  Residential Locations
  Retail Organizations
  Senior Care Facilities

What We Offer:

  Affordable & reliable security by licensed guards
  Uniformed & Plainclothes Security Officers
  Vehicle Patrol Services
  Executive & Corporate Protection
  Emergency Response and Planning
  Command Post Set-Up for Dissemination of Information, Local Dispatch & Supervisory Services
  Specialized, customized services for specific industries
  Integration with existing setup: Management, Specific Paperwork or Procedures are not a problem
  24 Hour Live Communication / Instant Response
  Experienced / Quality Personnel + Technologically Advanced Infrastructure = Excellent Service
  Competitive Negotiable Rates

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