Hotels & Motels

When traveling on business or pleasure, it may become necessary to stay overnight in a hotel or motel. Hotels and motels are under high risk of break-ins. The frequency of guests and their visitors passing in and out makes an ineffectively-guarded hotel or motel the perfect target for crime. Top-quality security protection is a necessity in these times. Secure your hotel or motel with GGS security Guards, who are highly-trained, experienced, courteous and dependable.

many hotels and resorts worldwide are in or near high-crime areas and attract predators looking for easy prey.
Questions to ask before booking a room:

Motels, loosely defined, have hallways and room doors on the outside of the building while hotels' are inside. For security, try to get a motel room close to the office and on the second story.

• Are all outside doors alarmed and checked to ensure they're activated?
• Are there surveillance cameras throughout the hotel and guards at all posts at all times?
• Are all employees checked for drugs and criminal backgrounds?
• Is the entire hotel equipped with smoke detectors and fire sprinklers?
• Is every guestroom door equipped with a deadbolt lock and a peephole?
• Does the hotel have a safe for storing valuables?

Predators target hotels and motels because tourists carry money and are thinking more about having fun than travel security – and know little about the area they’re visiting. Call ahead to local police to find out the crime rate at a specific lodging.

Special Events

Our trained guards can also work towards physically abating crimes around event centers. Our event coverage scheme includes security guards for weddings and corporate events.