At Gotguard Security, we specialize in providing comprehensive security solutions for construction sites, prioritizing the protection of your project and ensuring your safety. Construction sites often face various security challenges such as vandalism, accidents, and theft of equipment and materials. Our Construction Management Specialists are dedicated problem solvers, enabling our clients to benefit from cost savings, avoid delays, and minimize complications.

We take pride in successfully managing security service contracts for leading infrastructure, building, and construction companies across California.

Security Guard Duties include:

  Ensuring entrance gate security
  Welcoming and assisting contractors, vendors, and visitors
  Managing check-in and check-out procedures for contractors, visitors, vendors, vehicles, and deliveries
  Conducting regular patrols of the premises
  Optional services like Flagman Security and Golf Cart Security Patrol
  Identifying and addressing vulnerabilities and immediate dangers
  Proactively alerting management, contractors, vendors, and visitors of potential issues
  Maintaining accurate and legible logs and reports in English
  Reporting any illegal activities or hazards to management
  Providing static on-site guard services
  Developing physical security plans
  Documenting incidents for management
  Supervising security personnel
  Implementing security measures and plans
  Offering a customer service program
  Ensuring access control
  Preventing crime

Construction Site

Construction sites can encounter security challenges, including vandalism, accidents, and theft of equipment and materials. Our goal-oriented Construction Management Specialists enable our clients to achieve cost savings and avoid delays and complications.

Gotguard Security is at the forefront of remote video monitoring and IP security solutions, leveraging technological advancements and sensory responses to revolutionize the security industry. Through our all-in-one security solution, which utilizes remote app video monitoring capabilities, we offer a wide range of security services.

With extensive experience in pre-construction protection services, our Gotguard team excels in site safety and security, massing and site maximization studies, conceptual site plans, and preliminary security budgets. We bring our organizational expertise to each construction development project.

When you choose Gotguard Security Services, you can expect the highest level of security. Our services include:

  User-friendly apps that provide live access to your cameras 24/7
  Advanced perimeter protection
  Talk-down capabilities to prevent trespassing, theft, and vandalism
  Minimization of liability and insurance costs
  Video evidence and reports for on-site incidents verification, such as accidents, thefts, employee hours, and trade/worker disputes
  Real-time information to enforce health and safety regulations
  Reduction of security guard and property damage costs

Gotguard Security is your trusted full-service security partner, delivering end-to-end security and asset protection solutions to commercial and residential clients. We utilize state-of-the-art technology, conduct comprehensive security assessments, and provide exceptional client service.

At Gotguard Security, we believe that people are the key to excellence. We are committed to not only meeting but exceeding the needs and expectations of our clients.

Our patrol services ensure an ongoing presence at your property site. Patrol officers serve as a constant reminder to potential thieves and outsiders that your site is routinely checked and monitored by Gotguard security guards or CCTV systems. They respond promptly when needed.

Gotguard Patrols offer:

  Visible rounds in marked cars
  Regular tours of the property, including parking decks and lots
  Random driving patterns throughout the property
  Vacation watch and community watch programs

Our on-site guards provide a range of services, including:

  Mobile patrol with specified daily visits
  Comprehensive property checks, including grounds, windows, doors, locks, vehicles, loading docks, and specified locations
  Ensuring office spaces are secure, file cabinets are locked, and appliances are turned off
  Checking fuse boxes, safes, fire and smoke detectors, lights, ceiling fans, and pipes for abnormalities
  Maintaining a specific temperature through thermostat monitoring
  Guarding premises following a break-in
  Protecting valuable stock or building/construction sites
  Manning delivery gates at factories
  Providing security presence at special events or functions

Our pre-construction protection services leverage our extensive expertise, covering site safety, security, massing and site maximization studies, conceptual site plans, and preliminary security budgets. We apply this organizational expertise to every construction development project.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  24/7 security services
  Armed and unarmed officers
  Private investigation
  Mobile patrol
  Lobby receptionist
  Access control
  Fire watch
  Loss prevention
  Construction security
  Public transit security
  Concierge services
  Health care facilities security
  Shopping center security
  Residential community security
  Alarm response
  Labor dispute charges
  Crowd control
  Retail security
  Employee escorts

Gotguard Security oversees construction plans and staging to ensure the safety and security of pedestrian access on adjacent sidewalks throughout all construction phases. Our officers maintain adequate and safe pedestrian protection, including physical separation using barriers like K-Rails or scaffolding, and provide overhead protection in case of sidewalk closure or blockage.

Our Construction Management Plan includes:

  Prohibition of construction worker, equipment, or construction-related vehicle parking on adjacent streets
  Prohibition of construction equipment or material deliveries within the public right-of-way unless specified
  Temporary traffic control measures during construction activities adjacent to public right-of-way for improved traffic flow
  Scheduling construction activities to minimize the impact on surrounding arterial streets
  Safety precautions for pedestrians and bicyclists, such as alternate routing and protection barriers
  Accommodations for equipment storage and truck staging on-site when possible
  Scheduling construction-related deliveries and haul trips outside peak commuting hours
  Obtaining necessary approvals for truck haul routes prior to issuing entrance permits for the project
  Provision of temporary pedestrian facilities adjacent to the project site, replicating the desirable characteristics of the existing facility
  Covered walkways where pedestrians may be exposed to potential injury from falling objects
  Keeping sidewalks open during construction, closing them only when necessary, and reopening them as soon as feasible, considering construction and staging requirements.