Top Residential Security Guards in California

In California, we are the leading provider of professional residential security guards. Our commitment to excellence ensures that we deliver superior security services to a wide range of residential communities. Our highly trained security personnel are equipped to protect various types of residential properties, including gated communities, open-access communities, apartment complexes, and high-rise residential buildings.

We understand that each client has unique security requirements. While some clients prefer a highly visible security presence, others may opt for a more discreet approach. At Gotguard Security, our professionals collaborate closely with property management companies, property owners, and boards of directors to assess and meet the specific security needs of each client.

The primary responsibility of our Gotguard Security officers is to safeguard the human, intellectual, and physical assets of our customers and their visitors. They excel at controlling access to critical facilities and adapt to the individual nature of each client. Our guards possess quick thinking abilities, allowing them to respond to emergencies with sound judgment and composure.

Benefits of Gotguard Patrols for Resident Security:

The presence of a security guard provides residents with a sense of security and boosts confidence in the condominium complex, making it an appealing choice for prospective residents. Existing residents are more likely to remain in a complex that prioritizes their safety. Additionally, security guards can serve as friendly faces for residents to interact with on a daily basis.

Our security services extend to the protection of various residential and non-residential buildings and areas. We ensure the safety of housing developments, townhomes, construction sites, automobile dealerships, homeowner association communities (HOA & POA), public and private properties, home builders' security, unsecured locations (private and business), and independent houses. Furthermore, we provide security for manufacturing sites, shopping malls, airports, transportation terminals, government and private office buildings, and more.

Residential Security Guards in California

Gotguard Security offers professional guard protection services, including temporary and emergency security guard services, throughout the state of California. By informing us in advance, we can guarantee the presence of a security personnel for your specific needs.

Guard Safety and Expertise

At Gotguard, we prioritize the safety of our security guards, as they face various workplace hazards that can result in injuries, illnesses, or even fatalities. We take comprehensive measures to protect our guards and ensure their well-being.

Our security services are available 24/7, 365 days a year, without any downtime. With our main headquarters located in Los Angeles, California, we cater to a diverse client base that includes commercial and residential services such as office buildings, retail stores, malls, manufacturing facilities, educational institutions, medical centers, residential communities, warehouses, and distribution centers.

Gotguard Security is a comprehensive security company that offers both armed and unarmed security guard services at competitive rates. Our clients throughout California recognize us as their preferred security service provider. All our security guards are licensed officers who undergo rigorous screening, including drug tests, extensive background checks, and reference verifications. They also undergo personality and aptitude assessments. Once they join our team, guards participate in training programs that surpass industry standards. We believe in assigning the right guard to the right job, considering not only their practical skills and experience but also their personality traits and temperament. This approach, combined with our industry-leading quality security services, sets us apart.

Our Security Services Include:

  Ensuring office spaces are secure, with locked file cabinets and turned-off appliances
  Checking fuse boxes, safes, fire and smoke detectors, lights, and ceiling fans
  Inspecting pipes for breaks, water leaks, or abnormalities.
  Maintaining specific temperature levels by monitoring thermostats
  Guarding premises following a break-in
  Protecting valuable or important stock
  Securing building or construction sites
  Manning delivery gates at factories.
 Providing a security presence at special events or functions

Security Guards for Residential Properties in California

When it comes to residential security Guards in California, our services cover a wide range of needs, including gate and kiosk services, incident reporting, and patrols. With Gotguard Security, you can expect reliable protection for your buildings, along with professionalism and collaboration with your managers and community.

We specialize in all aspects of the residential security industry, including mobile patrols and on-site security. Gotguard Security not only meets but exceeds the safety training standards set by the State of California. Our field staff regularly receives safety training packets to stay updated on various topics, from contacting the proper authorities to recording essential information for maintenance crews.

Our Residential Security Services Include:

  Armed and unarmed patrol officers, as well as vehicle patrols
  Armed and unarmed on-site security officers
  On-board computer tracking systems included with the patrol service
  24-hour on-call response services and alarm response services
  Prompt response to nuisance complaints from residents
  Availability of parking permits, hang tags, and stickers

Alarm Response

With Gotguard, experienced patrol officers handle burglary alarm calls on your behalf. They ensure the safety of your property and execute immediate notifications or follow special instructions as per your request.

Our Alarm Response Services Include:

  24-hour dispatch and communications center
  Largest patrol fleet in California
  Professional and experienced patrol officers
  Licensed and insured services
  Affordable rates
  Reliable and safe solutions

Committed to Safety and Security

Safety and security are at the core of our values and drive our success. As part of our commitment, we prioritize the support and well-being of our employees, customers, and the public. We recognize the rising crime rates in society and understand the concerns surrounding the protection of your company's employees and assets. Our highly trained and educated security officers are equipped to address and eliminate all your security concerns.

Our Comprehensive Services Include:

Gotguard Security is California's premier provider of private security services. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality security guard services tailored to each client's specific safety needs.

Regardless of your industry, whether it's an office building, manufacturing plant, airport, or public transportation sector, we are there for you. By addressing safety needs proactively, we reduce the risks of burglary, fire hazards, or other disruptions to your organization. Gotguard is here to assist you in creating a safer environment.

Why Choose Gotguard Security?

  Armed and unarmed standing guards
  Professional services at competitive prices
  Customized security plans and responsibilities
  Fully bonded, insured, and licensed by California's BSIS
  Price matching or beating competitors
  24-hour emergency response

Gotguard Patrols

Gotguard Security provides mobile patrols, ensuring a constant presence at your site. Our patrol officers serve as a visual deterrent to potential thieves and intruders, reinforcing the fact that your property is under routine surveillance. In case of any incidents, our guards or CCTV monitoring teams respond promptly and effectively. Our uniformed patrol officers can enhance the safety of your employees and minimize the risk of vandalism or theft at your property or facility. Whether it's commercial or industrial spaces, townhomes, apartment complexes, or dedicated patrols for communities, we offer patrols of common areas, parking garages, and pool areas. Our goal is to monitor and secure private driveways, streets, or parking lots surrounding your commercial property.

Crime Prevention

Our video security system enables real-time monitoring of properties, allowing guards to respond immediately to any unauthorized activity. Infrared lights and speakers are utilized to communicate with intruders, attempting to deter them from committing crimes. If necessary, our personnel will promptly contact local authorities to intervene and prevent further criminal activities. With our Virtual Guard system, companies can have peace of mind,