Gotguard Security officers carrying out duties at Factories and Warehouse ‘Meet and Greet’ – to ensure a courteous, friendly and efficient approach to meeting and greeting visitors.

The requirements of every customer are different, so we tailor our services to match their individual needs.

Cargo handling and storage facilities must have physical barriers and deterrents that guard against unauthorized access.

Alarms Systems and/or Video Surveillance Cameras
Alarm systems and video surveillance cameras should be utilized to monitor premises and prevent unauthorized access to cargo handling and storage areas. Retrieval of recorded activities should be maintained for a reasonable period.

Building Structure
Buildings must be constructed of materials that resist unlawful entry and protect from outside intrusion. The integrity of structures must be maintained by periodic inspection and repair.

Critical Facility Protection Systems
Facility protection systems, such as fire suppression and alarm systems, hazardous gas detection systems, and air scrubbers should be secured and monitored for unauthorized tampering or shut-down by an approved remote alarm company. The integrity of such monitored alarms should be periodically tested.

Yard Security
Perimeter fencing should enclose the areas around cargo handling and storage facilities. In the event there is no perimeter fencing, procedural practices to secure the yard from unlawful entry and protection from outside intrusion must be documented.

Logistics & Distribution

In the highly competitive industry of logistics, Gotguardquality security services must consider protection of three vital areas: people, company property, and valuable customer property. This environment requires a security services firm that understands the industry and is cost-effective and highly flexible. Gotguard Security is your answer to logistics security services.

We offer a range of technology-based logistics security solutions to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of security personnel. Clients will see improvements in processing truck entry/exit, visitor management, high value tracking, and smart tour inspections.

Logistics-Specific Training: Gotguard Security personnel are trained at the client’s site of operations in order to educate officers on site-specific security requirements, post orders, security procedures, familiarization with issued equipment, access and badging protocol, and site emergency procedures. The training is customized to specific client needs, following a series of comprehensive meetings with the client.


  Cost-effective solution to replace guards at entry/exit points
  Driver verification and ID checks
  Correct trailer/tractor validation
  Open load verification with trailer inspection at entry/exit
  Integration with inventory management systems to track inventory in real time


  Advanced perimeter protection
  Two-way communication to alert unwarranted behavior and enforce ID checks
  Ability to integrate existing equipment to secure multiple sites


  Real-time information to help enforce safety/compliance regulations
  Remote fuel pump operation
  Operators educated on specific legislation RAIL

Gates and Gate Houses

Where there are gates through which vehicles and/or personnel enter or exit they must be manned and/or monitored. The number of gates should be kept to the minimum necessary for proper access and safety.

Adequate lighting must be provided inside and outside the facility including the following areas: entrances and exits, cargo handling and storage areas, fence lines and parking areas.

Locking Devices and Key Controls

All external and internal windows, gates and fences must be secured with locking devices. Management or security personnel must control the issuance of all locks and keys.

Parking Security

Private passenger vehicles should be prohibited from parking in or adjacent to cargo handling and storage areas. Visitor parking should be separated from employee and container parking Standard operating procedures must be in place to ensure that all documentation and operational requirements are being followed and adhered to in a consistent manner.

Manifesting Procedures

To help ensure the integrity of cargo, procedures must be in place to ensure that information received from business partners is reported accurately and timely.

Warehouse and Storage

We leverage advanced monitoring and surveillance technology to ensure that your warehouse and storage environment is perpetually safe.