Commercial / Industrial

Gotguard Security also offers the skills of monitoring and patrolling commercial and Industrial locations. We take great pride in the reputation that we have earned in deferring crime, no matter the location. Our officers have the training and are confident when they contact people who may or may not have legal reasons to be on your property during non-business hours. Gotguard Security has proven to be a leader in the Security Services at a very competitive price.

Business owners are faced with the reality that theft and other crimes occur on their premises. While some might be at a higher risk than others, our Gotguard security guards are deterrents specializing in preventing crime, maintaining security, and assisting customers and employees. Whether it’s an employee escort to their car or the security of the entire building. Providing security and protection services (e.g., controlling access and keeping order, etc.) for facilities and persons during private or public special events such as social, sporting, commercial, and artistic events, etc.

Your tenants and customers are in the business of doing business.

• Maintenance issues reported immediately, guaranteeing a professional and safe work environment.
• Tenants and customers are free from the distractions of car theft, panhandlers, or poorly maintained facilities.
• Camera and access control systems designed and installed.
• Emailing notification of any incidences or maintenance issues, allowing you the opportunity to remedy situations quickly.

Gotguard Security offers a wide range of services for the Commercial and Industrial industries:

• Random Vehicle Patrol
• Dedicated Vehicle Patrol
• Onsite Foot/Bike Patrol
• Armed / Unarmed Officers
• Daily, Weekly or Monthly Reports
• 24-Hour Standby Response Service.

Commercial Mobile Patrol

Protect Your Office and Business Environment

Benefit from an additional layer of Gotguard mobile patrol is a cost-effective solution for protecting your property.

The main focus of our patrol division is to provide a visual deterrence to criminal activity and early detection of potential issues. All of our Gotguard patrol services are customized to your security needs and environment, with the following basic services available:

• Exterior patrols – consist of checking exterior doors to ensure that they are secure, exterior lighting for issues, and visual inspections of windows, landscaping, and parking areas for signs of graffiti, vandalism, and suspicious behavior.
• Interior patrols – consist of checking all suite and mechanical doors to ensure that they are secure, interior lighting for issues, restrooms for water leaks, and all common areas such as hallways, stairwells and lobbies for signs of abnormal activity.
• Employee Escorts – high visibility escorts for employees during shift changes or due to a specific threat or concern.
• Facility unlocks/lock-ups – manually securing or unlocking exterior doors or gates and activating/deactivating alarm systems as needed.
• Parking enforcement – enforcement of visitor parking, reserved parking, handicap and fire lane violations, as well as other enforcement needs.
• Alarm response – 24-hour security operations center that dispatches experienced officers to perform a thorough inspection of your facility, document the cause of the alarm and notify the appropriate individuals as needed.

Customized reports detailing the date/time of the inspection, the identity of the inspecting officer, and the officers’ observations will be electronically archived at our corporate office and sent to you via fax and/or email. If warranted, authorities will be dispatched and emergency contacts notified.

Commercial Property

We offer a diverse range of services, from front door duty to private guard security. Every member of our team has the right training to ensure a welcoming atmosphere around your organization.

What We Offer:

• Access Control
• Backstage Security
• Crowd Management
• Customized Security Planning
• Fire Guards
• Floor/Stage Security
• Incident Documentation
• Ingress and Egress Control
• Metal Detectors
• Monitoring closed areas of the set or venue
• Needs Assessment
• Paparazzi Security
• Property & Film Equipment Protection
• Professional Dressed Security officers
• Protection tv/movie set, hotel & trailer
• Traffic Management
• Threat Identification and Mitigation
• Venue or Location Security Survey
• VIP, Artist, Model or Cast Escorts
• Award Shows
• Ceremonial Events
• Commercial Shoots
• Fashion Shoot
• Fashion Shows
• Movie Premieres
• Movie Set - Filming on location/film sets
• Music Video Production
• TV Production
• Photo Shoot
• And more…