Residential security

We provide security to a wide range of residential communities including gated communities, open-access communities, apartment complexes, and high-rise residential buildings.

While some clients require a high level of security visibility, others may prefer a much lower security profile. Gotguard Security professionals work closely with property management companies, property owners, and boards of directors to determine each client’s security needs.

Gotguard Security officers protect the human, intellectual and physical assets of our customers and their visitors. They control access to critical facilities and adapt to each client's individual nature. All must be able to think on their feet, responding to emergencies with good judgment and calm.

Gotguard Patrols Provides a Sense of Security for Residents:

The knowledge that a security guard is readily available inspires confidence in the residents and makes the condo an attractive option for new potential dwellers. Existing residents are more likely to continue to stay in a complex that protects them. A guard can also be a friendly face for residents to see during the day-to-day bases.

  protecting residential buildings and areas such as housing developments, town homes, Construction Sites, Automobile Dealerships, Homeowner Associates Communities (HOA & POA, Public, Private Property), Home- Builders Security, Unsecure Locations (Private and Business), and independent houses.
  protecting non-residential buildings and areas such as manufacturing sites, shopping malls, airports and other transportation terminals; and government/private office buildings, etc.


Gotguard Professionally Guard Protection & Temporary / Emergency Security Guard Services in the state of California. You let us know ahead of time, and Gotguard will Guarantee a security personnel! *

Security Guard Safety

Gotguard is always on guard against workplace hazards Security guards face a variety of workplace hazards that can lead to injury, illness, or death.

Permanent & Temporary Security Services

We provide both temporary and permanent services throughout the State of California and United States 24/7 365 per year with no downtime. Our Main Headquarters is located in Los Angeles, California. Our Client base ranges from Commercial to Residential Services such as:Office Building, Retail Stores, Malls, Manufacturing, Public & Private Educational Facilities, Medical Facilities & Centers, Residential Communities, and Warehouse as well as Distribution centers.

Gotguard is a full-service security company providing armed and unarmed security guard services to clients who demand the best professional security guard service at competitive rates. Businesses across the State of California identify Gotguard Security Services as their vendor of choice for security guard services. All security guards that are assigned by Gotguard Security Services are licensed security officers. Prior to joining the team guards undergo drug screening and an extensive background and reference check. Guards also undergo personality and aptitude testing. After joining the team guards participate in training programs that teach at levels that far exceed training that is provided by many other security companies. Gotguard Security Services has a "right fit" approach to assigning guards to job sites. Gotguard right fit approach is comprised of a process of taking the total person in consideration when selecting a guard to be assigned to a duty station. Not only are guards practical skills and experience considered, the guards personality traits and temperament are also taken in consideration. After assigning the right guard, Gotguard Security implements its industry leading quality security services.

  Ensuring office spaces are secure, file cabinets are locked and appliances are turned of
  Checking fuse boxes, safes, fire and smoke detectors, lights and ceiling fans
  Checking pipes for breaks, water leaks or other abnormalities
  Checking thermostats to maintain a specific temperature
  Guarding premises following a break-in.
  Protecting important or valuable stock.
  Protecting building or construction sites.
  Manning delivery gates at factories.
  Providing a security presence at special events or functions.

Residential Property

When it comes to residential security, we handle encompassing services ranging from gate and kiosk services to incident reporting and patrol. When it comes to offering reliable protection for buildings, we can guarantee professionalism and cooperation with your managers and community.

At Gotguard Security we specialize in all patrol and onsite aspects of the security industry. One of the many areas where Gotguard Security has proven to be the best and most reliable, is working in the residential sites. We not only meet the standards set forth by the State of California for safety training, we surpass it and set the pace for others to follow. A bimonthly safety training packets are distributed among all staff in the field keeping the up to date on anything from how to call the proper authorities to logging the proper information for your maintenance crew.

Gotguard Security offers the following services for Residential Security Industry:

  Armed/Unarmed Patrol Officers / Vehicle Patrols
  Armed & Unarmed Onsite Security Officers
  On Board Computer Tracking Systems in Included with the Patrol Service
  24-Hour on Call Response Services / 24-Hour Alarm Response Services
  Response to nuisance complaints from residents
  Parking permits, Hang tags and Stickers available

Alarm Response

Gotguard experienced Patrol services, Officers handle the burglary alarm call for you, establishing that your property is safe and immediate notification or special instructions executed at your request.

  24 Hour Dispatch & Communications Center
  Largest Patrol Fleet in California
  Professional and experienced Patrol Officers
  Licensed and insured

Gotguard - Committed To Safety & Security

Our commitment to safety and security drives our success. As part of that commitment, we support our employees,
our customers, and the public, with whom we share the safety & security nationwide.

We are well aware of the ever present and continually rising crime rate in our society. Therefore, we understand the level of concern regarding the protection of your company's employees and assets. We offer a team of highly trained and well-educated security officers, experienced and equipped to deal with and eliminate all of your security concerns.

We Provide the Following Services

Gotguard Security is now California premiere private security services. We are committed to providing our clients with high quality security guard services based on each client security safety needs.

Whether your safety and security needs relate to an office building, manufacturing plant, airport, or the public transportation sector, we are where you are regardless of your industry. When safety needs are addressed in a proactive way, the risks of burglary, fire watch or other disruptions in your company organization are reduced, and this is exactly how Gotguard can assist.

Because we treat our staff with dignity and respect, which directly impacts the quality of service we provide to our partners.

Armed/Unarmed Standing Guards
  Professional standing guard services at affordable prices
  Customized security plans and post order duties
  Fully bonded, insured, and licensed by California's BSIS
  We'll match or beat any competitor's price
  24-hour emergency response

Gotguard Patrols

Gotguard Security provides Mobile patrol an ongoing presence at your site. Patrol officers are utilized to provide a constant reminder to potential thieves and outsiders that your site is routinely patrolled and checked by on site Gotguard security guards or CCTV monitoring and then respond when it’s needed to.Gotguard uniformed patrol officers can help enhance your employees' safety and reduce the risk of vandalism or theft on your property or at your facility. From commercial or industrial spaces to town homes, apartment complexes, and dedicated patrol for communities, we can provide patrols of common grounds, parking garages, and pool areas to monitor and secure the private driveways, streets, or parking lots around your commercial space.

Crime Prevention

The video security system monitors the properties in real time, so that the guards can respond immediately to every intrusion. When an unauthorized activity is detected, our monitoring team will used the infrared lights and speakers to communicate with the intruder. The monitoring team will attempt to scare the intruder away before a crime can be committed. In the event that this does not work, our personnel will contact the local authorities immediately who will arrive to the premises in order to stop the crime from advancing. With the Virtual Guard system in place companies can have peace of mind knowing their premises are being monitored 24/7.

Explore how our security patrol services can help you:
  Making visible rounds in a distinctive, marked car
  Touring property as well as parking decks and lots
  Driving through the property in random patterns
  Vacation watch and community watch programs

Maintains safe and secure environment for customers and employees
by patrolling and monitoring premises and personnel.