Gotguard Video Security Solution

A video security system is a necessity for any business owner or property manager and along with the home owners.

An event-driven, proactive security system that is interactive such as the Virtual Guard system will monitor your premises 24/7 throughout the year. With the Virtual Guard system crime will be prevented before it can even happen.

What will this Video Security System offer you?

As a client, you can expect the following services from Virtual Guard:

 False alarm/ Video verification &monitoring service
  Crime prevention
  Rapid response time
  Reliable and cost-effective security services

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Gotguard Virtual Security Officer

The best solution to reduce your business’ exposure for risk is the deployment of a Gotguard virtual security officer. While the cost of on-site security guards rises, the price of remote monitoring continues to decline. The Gotguard solution combines a licensed security guard and the most intelligent technology available; the result is great value and unmatched security protection.

 Gotguard virtual security guards are licensed and trained security professionals who utilize advanced electronic equipment to remotely monitor your site in real time and avoid security breaches and other criminal activity.
  Gotguard Virtual security guards are trained to be proactive. They have access to a host of interactive devices and systems that allow intervention – before a security breach takes place. The capability to activate door and gate lockouts, safety and suppression systems, and strobe lights and sirens gives Gotguard security officers the necessary tools to act even more effectively and safely than if they were on-site.
  Gotguard virtual patrols, escorts and remote interventions can eliminate or reduce the staggering cost of on-site guards.
  Gotguard remote-managed security combines sophisticated video technologies and our dedicated team of Gotguard virtual security guards to provide protection that on-site guards cannot.
  Gotguard integrated services demonstrate return on investment quickly, often within months.

Security System Video Verification

With the video security system and live video monitoring service system companies will have their properties monitored through the use of high-quality video cameras that are used by the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security. The Virtual Guard system uses a high-tech application that is motion-activated and is triggered every time there is suspicious activity. The monitoring team at the Command and Control Center will respond quickly to every threat that is detected and identified through the live security video feeds. The live video footage shows images clearly, so that every intruder can be properly identified and verified. With video verification all chances of false alarms are eliminated.

Crime Prevention

The video security system monitors the properties in real time, so that the guards can respond immediately to every intrusion. When an unauthorized activity is detected, our monitoring team will used the infrared lights and speakers to communicate with the intruder. The monitoring team will attempt to scare the intruder away before a crime can be committed. In the event that this does not work, our personnel will contact the local authorities immediately who will arrive to the premises in order to stop the crime from advancing. With the Virtual Guard system in place companies can have peace of mind knowing their premises are being monitored 24/7.

Rapid Response Time

Local law enforcement officers are usually more likely to respond to a verified alarm. Large volumes of false alarms create longer response times from local authorities. With our real-time video monitoring capability, we are able to weed out false alarms and quickly alert police when verified alarms occur that require their attention. Expediting this process will help authorities arrive to the scene before any crime is committed.

Got Guard Reliable and Cost-Effective Security Solution

Got Guard Virtual Video System is alert at all times. It will capture every single moment and activity on the premises. Video feeds from cameras throughout the premises can be viewed simultaneously. The cameras never fall asleep, they don’t get tired, and don’t stop for coffee breaks. The best part is they are increasingly cost effective. The cost of installing your active video security cameras system is significantly less than most think.

The Got Guard Virtual video security solution will give you peace of mind because your security will be guaranteed. The cameras will be your eyes and they will watch over your property or your business at all times. They are cost-effective, reliable, and they will actively prevent crime from happening on your premises.

Dedicated Remote Video Monitoring

Gotguard remote video monitoring is proactive – nothing preset or triggered. Gotguard security officers provide dedicated, live assessment and can intervene prior to a security breach, often preventing a crime.

  Officers focus 100 percent on dedicated monitoring of customer systems.
  Knowledgeable staff know when to intervene and can prevent acts of vandalism or break- ins from occurring.
  Licensed Gotguard officers use strategically placed cameras to perform patrols.
  In-depth training allows officers to assess situations and individuals for threats of criminal activity.
  Replacing guards with digital systems offers near-term ROI.

Video Surveillance

Competitors claim their technology systems can replace on-site guards – Gotguard video systems actually can.

  Gotguard offers a variety of specialized and integrated software, and hardware systems for remote monitoring.
  Gotguard designs the system best served for your business – utilizing new IP devices or the more traditional analog systems.
  Gotguard can integrate thousands of cameras from different manufacturers.
  Existing surveillance equipment can be integrated into remote monitoring systems at little or no cost.
  Gotguard uses remote cameras to eliminate the high cost from bulletproof security.
  Customized solutions provide freedom for us to design a system and budget that fits your organization.

Virtual Patrols

Video monitoring performs like a conventional on-site guard at a fraction of the cost and with zero time off.

  Gotguard Virtual Patrols are conducted by licensed security officers using prevention-minded solutions.
  Gotguard virtual patrols are not simply video patrols – they are conducted by officers trained in situational awareness and surveillance detection.
  Skilled officers conduct patrols using advanced techniques and tools that identify signature criminal behavior.
  Gotguard officers are the key difference between reactively and proactively patrolling your site.

Gotguard remote-managed security provides a variety of remote video security services that replace many of the duties of on-site officers:

  Surveillance detection
  Physical security design
  Dispatching authorities
  Unified incident command
  Hazardous materials operations

Community Benefits

  Eliminate undetected, unauthorized building access.
  Create Peace of Mind for your residents and visitors.
  Avoid unnecessary calls to Management and Security.
  Remotely lock or unlock doors when necessary.
  Managers have a security resource to count on.
  Create increased access accountability.
  Potentially reduce insurance premiums.
  Potentially reduce your security budget.

Virtual Security

The key to success in today’s challenging economy is formulating the ideal blend of personnel and technology. The Gotguard team has the knowledge and experience to help you develop the perfect solution.

Remote video monitoring is the Gotguard security solution – real-time, full-time monitoring by a Gotguard highly-trained virtual security officer. With a Gotguard virtual security officer, you can receive all of the efficiencies and cost benefits of advanced technology while maintaining human interaction. This allows Gotguard to respond to complex events that cannot be distinguished automatically, even with advanced analytic triggers.

Gotguard remote-managed security provides a variety of remote video security services that replace many of the duties of on-site officers:

Crime Prevention

  Surveillance detection
  Physical security design
  Dispatching authorities
  Unified incident command
  Hazardous materials operations

Gotguard security officers can prevent crimes before they happen – 24/7. Virtual monitoring puts our eyes on your most valuable resources and provides protection and confidence for your employees. From virtual patrols to escorts and remote interventions, entrusting your business to our team is the safest and most cost-effective way to protect your business every minute of every day.

As threats of violence grow with high-tech crime, and other security risks have grown, so too has the sophistication of our Gotguard security processes and our Gotguard Virtual security system technologies to combat these threats. Our on-site security services include unarmed security officers or armed security officers, in uniform or attired in traditional business apparel.

How virtual monitoring works

What are virtual guards?
 Not just what — what and who! Virtual guards are people who monitor your security system and keep a watchful eye over your property via surveillance cameras posted in strategic locations. In the event of a security threat, virtual guards will activate alarms and even talk down the intruder to prevent vandalism, theft, or security risk to your people.

Why should you hire virtual guards?
 Whether it’s covering a hidden corner, a specific time of day, or particular need, a virtual guard can offer a an affordable, flexible way to expand the scope of your on-site guards. There are many reasons to add a virtual guard to your complete security solution. We’ve highlighted a few here:

- On-site guards can only see so much. Based on the placement of the video cameras, virtual guards can peer into every corner of a property to blanket it with protection.

- In the event of an emergency, your on-site guards will be your frontline responders. Virtual guards can help keep them out of harm’s way by observing the environment from afar — often unnoticed — and tapping into their experience to act swiftly and appropriately to keep their on-site partners safe.

- Because they are fed real-time information from cameras placed around a property, a single virtual guard can cover much more property than a single on-site guard. For example, placing cameras throughout solar fields and construction sites creates a span of security that is more affordable than hiring enough guards to accomplish the same broad and constant overview.

Better protection for less

Multiple areas can be monitored simultaneously, 24/7 No need to hire expensive, ineffective security guards’ Custom solutions to fit every budget.

Theme and services

Payment upon on job 50% pre to job and other 50 when job is complete Virtual security payment terms card info check on file. You can deal with us to install or you can install with anyone you may like and we will do the monitoring for you.

What’s the best security solution for my property?
 Every business is different. Some properties are better suited to virtual guard services than others. We’ve mentioned a few here. If you fall into one of those industries or recognize a need for any of the benefits we’ve outlined, this may be a great solution for you to add to your comprehensive security approach. Gotguard Security is an expert in virtual guard monitoring. We help companies of all types and sizes to build the solution that fits their business and property needs perfectly. Along with virtual guard solutions, our video monitoring and on-site guard patrol will keep every angle of your location and all of your assets well protected.

Step 1: Assess
Assess your personal pain points, take a look at your property, and create a custom site-plan showing our recommended camera placement and their area coverage.
Step 2: Implement
Install and implement the software and hardware needed to monitor your location(s). We’ll also train you on how to use our software, and give you your customer service contacts information.
Step 3: Monitor
Once implemented, you’re all set! We’re on watch and notify you of any events, monitor your hardware health, and most importantly, defend your assets.

Gotguard Remote Guarding & Video Security Solutions for Any-Sized Business or Industry

  Property Management
  Medical Facilities
  Office Buildings
  Parking Lots/Garages
  Construction Sites
  Storage Units/Facilities
  Cannabis Dispensaries
  Financial Institutions
  Car Dealerships
  Retail Stores
  Distribution Centers

Gotguard Virtual security allows multiple areas in a community to be monitored at the same time. If an incident is taking place at the pool while a visitor needs to be verified at the gate, these events can be managed simultaneously.

A Virtual Guard can also work in conjunction with an onsite guard and law enforcement. If a community needs to keep an onsite attendant at the gate during peak hours, a Virtual Guard can verify guests once the onsite guard leaves for the day. When an incident occurs that requires the response from local law enforcement, a Virtual Guard will directly dispatch them accordingly.

If you are looking for experts in the security industry to assist you with your security camera or access control project then look no further. Gotguard Security has the team and experience you are seeking. We can handle any of the projects regardless of size or complexity. Our past projects have ranged from ten to hundreds of security cameras installed to protect miles of perimeter from intrusion to 4-6 cameras installed for personal protection at a personal residence.

Are Security Cameras Enough for Your Security Services?

Losses from onsite crime can put companies out of business. Crime deterrents are a necessity in today’s world but how do you know if you are offering the right combination of services for your sites?

Of course, not all vendor solutions are the same. If your customer has an imminent threat of onsite fires, an alarm company which specializes in fire alarms is critical to the solution being offered.